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AutoTech Effect 2022– Free2Move: Modern Mobility Movement in Relation to Consumers, Connected Cars, EVs, and Fleet Management

July 21, 2022
AutoTech Effect 2022– Free2Move: Modern Mobility Movement in Relation to Consumers, Connected Cars, EVs, and Fleet Management

During our AutoTech Effect Episode with Free2Move, we spoke with David Dowty, Head of North America – Business & Corporate Development, to discuss the modern mobility movement in relation to consumers, connected cars, EVs, and fleet management.

What is Free2Move?

Free2Move is a part of the broader Stellantis organization, the fourth largest automaker in the world. Free2Move was brought to Stallantis as an acquisition of TravelCar, which is focused on mobility. Free2Move provides what Dowty refers to as a “duration limited use of an asset,” which allows consumers to gain access to an asset in time increments, whether that be minute-to-minute, day-to-day, month-to-month, or year-to-year.

How are you serving the modern consumer?

Dowty points out that customers are consuming in different patterns; everything consumed is digital and instantaneous in the fraction you need it. Free2Move aims to ensure that OEMs are prepared to service customers by providing a fractional approach to mobility. Throughout the consumer buying lifecycle, patterns change; what’s good for you today may be different for you in the future. Dowty stresses Free2Move wants to provide an ecosystem for consumers to seamlessly move from one form of mobility usage to another.

How are you utilizing connected car data?

Free2Move is the connected vehicle partner for Stellantis, with 15 million connected cars globally on their platform. One way data is utilized to enhance their mobility programs is with keyless entry, which enables customers to use the Free2Move mobile app to unlock and utilize a keyless start. Dowty goes on to discuss their European fleet operations for the electric vehicle (EV) market. With connected car, fleet operators have the tools and metrics they need to manage their EV fleet more efficiently.

What exciting avenues are emerging within connected data and your vehicle platform?

Dowty describes Free2Move’s mobility hub concept, with deployment of assets in Austin, TX, which makes up the core of their mobility network. The goal is to have a core platform to manage these use cases and ensure assets are in the right place, by leveraging data, they can drive maximum utilization across their assets. In addition, Dowty shares his excitement about helping fleet operators understand they don’t need to own every asset, just their core assets. A virtual fleet marketplace gives fleet operators the flexibility to access the demands of their business, without having to invest the hard capital in owning every asset.

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