Adventure Awaits – E-commerce Platform MOXA Launches Powersports Protection

February 17, 2023
Adventure Awaits – E-commerce Platform MOXA Launches Powersports Protection

We keep the adventure moving forward by creating innovative products paired with cutting-edge technology. We have recently added a new asset type to our arsenal of protection products and are excited to announce that we’re now offering coverage for powersports. We are changing the way consumers purchase protection for their assets. This latest release extends our protection to accommodate powersport enthusiasts as well as our current offerings of vehicles, fleet, rideshare, RVs, and Home & Electronic Protection.

What does the launch entail?

This launch provides protection for powersports, such as motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more! We know what consumers crave and that’s convenience. Customers can shop and buy protection products entirely online via our MOXA e-commerce site. In addition, customers can easily cover multiple assets in one transaction, including their vehicle, RV, and powersport.

"Many of our current members are looking for protection of other assets beyond automobiles. Powersports ownership of assets such as sport bikes, cruisers, adventure, off-road, scooters, watercraft, etc. has become a standard for many of our members. We are excited to offer the same outstanding coverages and protections for this category of assets and give our customers peace of mind when an unexpected breakdown occurs."

Brian Amarnick

Business Development Director at Axiom Connected

How does it benefit you?

With MOXA, you can easily build a customized e-commerce site tailored to your brand. Once set up, you can create a custom product offering and start capturing funds instantly. As we continue to expand our product offerings, you will have even more opportunities to maximize sales. With our modern selling approach, we make it easy for you to provide multi-asset protection to customers entirely online while earning kickbacks on each sale.

Get started today! Generate more revenue and advance on missed opportunities in your sales funnel. To learn more about powersports protection, request a demo, or learn more about our additional capabilities, contact us at

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