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AutoTech Effect 2022– Vanguard Dealer Services: Creating Customer Retention by Enhancing the Ownership Experience

August 6, 2022
AutoTech Effect 2022– Vanguard Dealer Services: Creating Customer Retention by Enhancing the Ownership Experience

During our AutoTech Effect Episode with Vanguard Dealer Services, we spoke with Mickey Quinn, President, to discuss the processes used to retain customers throughout their ownership lifecycle.

What is most important at the dealership?

Quinn says their main focus and highest level of importance at the dealership is the customer. Customers that have positive experiences are more likely to refer other customers. The goal is to generate revenue from that customer over the course of ownership, all while building and maintaining a strong relationship. Quinn believes in the idea of creating customers for life.

How have you been able to retain customers?

Quinn emphasizes that enhancing the customer and ownership experience is key to retaining customers. It is important dealers remain connected to customers and assure them that their assets will be protected. Quinn goes on to explain their retention process; first, they engage with a post-sale company to protect the dealership’s reputation. The next step is to ensure that benefits are quickly and efficiently explained, rather than sold. He believes it is tremendously important for franchise owners to come up with a process that protects their customers.

How do you separate yourself from other dealerships?

Quinn has been able to stand out from competitors by offering package deals. For instance, he offers first-year maintenance giveaways and monthly bundles, including cosmetic and repair products. In doing so, Quinn reinforces the customer relationship by associating these benefits with the dealer, rather than the manufacturer.

How are you preparing for the electric vehicle (EV) evolution?

Quinn states that educating the team on EV components, like batteries, and the EV industry is important in preparation for the EV evolution. The salesperson must be knowledgeable and bright when it comes to the product they are selling. With the expanding EV industry, knowledge is power.

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