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AutoTech Effect 2022– Evercare Protection: Digitizing Protection Products to Enhance the Consumer Buying Experience

June 22, 2022
AutoTech Effect 2022– Evercare Protection: Digitizing Protection Products to Enhance the Consumer Buying Experience

During our AutoTech Effect Episode with Evercare Protection, we spoke with Chris Weinreis, CEO and Founder, to discuss the shift in the warranty space from traditional mail marketing to a more digital approach, pivoting to better serve the needs of modern-day consumers.

What is Evercare Protection?

Evercare specializes in Vehicle Service Contract development and automotive claims administration. Weinreis shares he began in the industry as a sales representative. After about eight years, he branched out on his own with a focus on direct mail marketing for auto warranties. Weinreis recognized within the direct-to-consumer space, potential partners were choosing the cheapest coverage options and marking them up. He wanted to do things differently by partnering with a company that provided better coverage options for consumers. His search ultimately led to a partnership with Axiom, who offered quality products with an emphasis on tech. 

What benefits do your products offer to consumers?

Weinreis stresses that products should be tailor-fit to meet the unique individual needs of each consumer. Evercare hires knowledgeable and passionate employees who care about the customer and take the time to walk them through their policy. They prioritize robust and cost-effective products, and offer additional benefits such as digital rewards, Gas Buddy, and roadside assistance, which all enhance the overall consumer experience.

How did you get more involved in technology?

Weinreis shares that as a sales rep, he noticed they weren’t changing with the times. He strived to evolve and improve the products and processes. As an owner, he started questioning what his company could do different, and how they could better engage the consumer. As a result, they transitioned into an omni approach by delving into other marketing mediums, such as SMS messaging and digital advertising.

What excites you about the possibilities with subscription?

Weinreis discusses their biggest avenue for success, which traditionally has been direct mail marketing to consumers with term products. Evercare is now exploring the potential to re-market to customers with subscription products, which could better fit their lifestyle with a lower monthly payment that doesn’t degrade the coverage. Recently, they have launched a digital subscription brand called DriveWhiz, which appeals to the younger generation by offering month-to-month payments. 

What is the roadmap for the future of warranty?

Weinreis strives to learn from the consumer and gain a firm understanding of their wants and needs. He goes on to discuss the diversification of their products by launching home warranty. He wants to explore more connected tech features with the COVI mobile app, which connects consumers to their assets with updates and maintenance. Additionally, COVI can be used to retouch customers with push notifications.

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